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Feb 8th 2017.  Improving perceptions

There has been bad press about caretakers over recent years and through our network of schools and community of caretakers, we would like to change the public perception of caretakers, for the better by sharing good practice.

Caretakers are often taken for granted by other staff, their work often goes un-noticed, until something is forgotten.

Caretakers really do “CARE“.

A caretaker is an essential function of a school. They care about their school environment and they care about the pupils, staff and visitors in their schools.

The nature of the caretakers work means they need to put the care of others before themselves. It is vitally important that caretakers have appropriate Health and Safety support and advice to make their job safer.

Historically, caretakers are often left to figure things out on their own from a technical perspective.

We are here to support caretakers in every way possible from technical support and job management to asset tracking and health & safety to help raise their confidence and self-esteem.

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