Ministers can no longer ignore protests over the school funding crisis

chancellor-photoMar 14th 2017
The chancellor, Philip Hammond, with members of his Treasury team outside 11 Downing Street before delivering his budget on 8 March. Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters

And last week in his spring budget the chancellor had the chance to demonstrate the government believes this, too. Instead, Philip Hammond chose to ignore the evidence of a looming funding crisis in schools.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies warns that by 2020 funding per pupil will have been cut in real terms by 6.5% for schools, and 16-18 education will be at a similar level in real terms to that 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, the costs of employing staff – usually something like 80% of the outgoings of a school or college – are growing because of increases in employer contributions to national insurance and pensions, plus pay increases for which there has been no additional funding from government.

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by Geoff Barton

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