Facilities Management

Advantages of using a Facilities Services & Management Company

What is Facilities Management (FM)?

“Facilities Management encompasses multi-disciplinary activities within the built environment and the management of their impact upon people and the workplace.”


Outsourcing your services is incredibly beneficial for your business and increasingly necessary in today’s competitive market. To be the best at what you do, your focus needs to be on your organisation’s core activities.

That said non-core activities are very important and play a Vital role in the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation, which is why out-sourcing FM is so beneficial. Allowing a knowledgeable company to take care of your daily operations, utilising specialist skills and experience frees up your time to concentrate on your priorities, your customers, services and values.

Integrated Facilities Management

At The Vital Element, integrated Facilities Management means a tailor-made package that fits your needs, taking into account your organisation’s profile, culture and geographical operation. By utilising our own specialist teams, we keep our management overheads low and are able to effectively manage and schedule our activities, reducing inefficiencies and wastage.
Our use of cloud technology makes it much easier for you to keep updated of our performance, activity progress at your facilities and more importantly, developments, improvements and innovation we employ.

In the current economic climate, we are very aware of our clients’ need to economise and reduce operational costs. We can deliver guaranteed and sustainable operational savings from the outset.


The best of both worlds:

Working with us, you benefit from the best of both worlds; the efficiency savings of outsourcing management of your facilities, whilst retaining the same control, accountability and commitment you would expect from an in-house operation.


A fresh approach:

We are committed to actively helping our clients change the way they do business, by reducing costs and increasing value, our approach will make your business more efficient and sustainable for the future.

What’s more, our teams on the ground are committed to providing you with an unrivalled service to make sure your facilities are safe, clean, tidy, in good operational condition & looking great!