School Playground Transformation in Huddersfield

Our hardworking talented playground installation team have transformed an overgrown school courtyard into a stunning play area for children in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

We re-used paving flags and repaired and renovated old shed with the addition of new sensory music equipment, a new outdoor classroom gazebo, trim trail equipment, planters and seating.

In total, 80 tonnes of material was manually moved in and out of the area through school as the courtyard was totally enclosed.

Staff at Dalton School didn't think it could be done, but our Vital teams like a challenge!

The result was amazing and the staff and children were delighted with the result.

The project was funded by The National Lottery and amazing fundraising by the school community. A huge thank you to all involved and for choosing The Vital Element to make a difference!

Top 10 Winter Grounds Maintenance Tips

Top 10 Tips for Winter Grounds Maintenance

It’s that time of year again when the daylight starts to lengthen and the cold strengthens. It may be a cold and bleak time of the year but don’t fret - spring is just around the corner! Before spring’s arrival, it’s important to keep on top of winter maintenance, in preparation for that new season growth. Here are our top 10 winter grounds maintenance tips:

  1. This is the perfect time to weed pathways, jet-wash stonework and remove any moss that has grown over autumn.
  2. Now is also a great time to finally get rid of any leaves that have accumulated over the past few months. Make sure lawn areas are clear of decaying leaves as they can damage the grass.
  3. Pruning is one of the most important gardening tasks for end of winter. Thinning bushes and cutting back hedges helps promote strong scaffold, new growth and supports overall good health of the shrub.
  4. Clear out your plant beds and make sure they are clear of all dead foliage and cut away any dead stems. This helps prevent rot and promotes new growth.
  5. Mulching your garden is the best way to keep your garden thriving through the cold winter months. This helps protect it from the cold temperatures and repeated frosts of winters grasp.
  6. January and February is prime time for Mole activity due to mating and nest building. Be sure to flatten any molehills before reseeding in spring. Flattening molehills will also make your life easier when the mower comes out for the first cut of the season!
  7. Dusting off plants and shrubs after heavy snowfall relieves any pressure on leaves and branches to avoid breakage.
  8. If you have any young trees, you should protect the softer trunks with tree protectors. This helps protect the trees from winter burn and hungry animals.
  9. Winter is a great time to clean, maintain and sharpen your gardening machinery and tools. This will ensure they are ready for action when spring arrives.
  10. Last but not least… don’t forget to give our little friends a helping hand! Remember to keep putting out food and water for hungry birds.

We’re Recruiting! – School Caretaker

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We’re Recruiting! – School Caretaker

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