What Makes a Great Proposal for your Client ?


April 16th 2017

In this update, I want to share my ‘best practice’ thoughts on what makes a good proposal or quote for a client.

I believe the best proposals identify the customers’ main problem(s) or pain point(s) and answer these clearly and concisely.
Being aware that time may be limited, the proposal should be easy to read, to the point and flow like a story.

The quote should have a full breakdown with the various elements clearly itemised. This allows for a full understanding of the quote and what elements make up the project & quote. It also allows the client to assess whether all the aspects of the project have been accounted for.

Better still working through an itemised quote will usually help identify potential issues and any associated costs. These can then be qualified in the quote so the client has a clear picture of the offering.

Being vague or simply providing a single lump sum figure can often lead to difficulties should genuine, unforeseen circumstances arise and costs need adjusting; by agreement of course!

In summary…

Transparency is key when preparing your proposal. A good client will appreciate your clarity and openness. Contrary to what many believe, many clients tell me that detailed proposals have helped them make more informed decisions rather than just simply looking at the cheapest option.

I am sure you will agree that cheapest option can often cost more in the long run!

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Written by:

Nick W Calcutt


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