About us

We believe Great Service is delivered by Great People who go the extra mile. We focus on listening to our customers and working with them to resolve problems affecting the smooth running of their organisation by quickly identifying better, more cost-effective ways of managing their premises and non-core operations.

Our specialists are on hand to take away the headache of managing and servicing premises, both inside and out.  Responsive to your needs, our local experts will support you; from help and advice with compliance matters to making sure your facilities are safe, clean, in excellent repair and looking their very best. We believe your facilities say a great deal about your organisation!

Why The Vital Element was created

The Vital Element was created to seek out and implement ways of working that add value and bring about improvements to customers, whilst reducing energy and costs.

Nick Calcutt founded The Vital Element in 2012 in response to his growing frustration towards escalating costs and unresponsive service provision. Nick also identified that a reluctance by contractors to pro-actively share cost-saving initiatives only served to hinder an organisation’s potential.

With a successful track record in change management and a wealth of experience within landscaping, construction, drainage, engineering and the utilities services, he set about creating an organisation that constantly evolves by listening to its customers and taking action.

What we provide

From emptying waste paper bins to assessing energy performance, we are a company committed to providing you with an unrivalled service that will ensure your facilities remain clean, safe, in good operational condition and compliant. We provide a full range of facilities services that relate to occupying a building – whether that be a school, doctors surgery, shopping centre, office block, warehouse or any other business premises. We offer our specialist services as either stand-alone or part of a fully integrated Facilities Management solution.

Our teams are friendly, flexible and professional, with assurance that we will make your business more efficient and sustainable for the future.

Creating healthy happy businesses

As every organisation has differing needs, our facilities services are proactive – giving you peace of mind that all non-core services are taken care of and that you are free to concentrate on your organisations core function. At The Vital Element we believe that managing, running or owning a business should be rewarding and enjoyable, not stressful and all time-consuming. Our job is to solve problems by identifying and prioritising needed work, removing the headache of how and when that work is going to get done, and combining facilities services that save you time and money.

We provide a Free Consultation as part of our quotation or tender and we will happily answer any questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 03333 355 938 or info@thevitalelement.co.uk for further information.